Impact of Mobility in Education Sector

It’s very rare that we see miracles these days. But, the most obvious miracle that we see is that how mobility has transformed the education sector. One hand we have some cool and geeky app which students enjoy on their device. On the other hand, we have numerous exams, study materials and lots of learning which students is not much fond of. But, here if we combine both of these aspects, then students become more open to learning.
The influence of mobile is just unimaginable nowadays. It has been penetrated in almost all spheres of our lives- it's faster, save our time and money and also it allows being better. Similarly, mobility has also entered the education sector. The mobile industry has undoubtedly had far-reaching future as it has started on the third wave of revolution- The Internet of Things.
Today’s Education Sector
For imparting education, it has been noticed that mobiles and smartphones provide good results. Newer avenues of learning and teaching have been introduced through the mobile apps which in turn is enhancing the education as never before. In the USA and other several countries are already leveraging on the influence of mobile apps, may it be the traditional way of “classroom teaching” or “bringing books” to the school. All thanks to the iPad and other mobile devices that the technology has overcome the significant way of education segment. The influence of mobile apps has been quite strong. We have also seen the live examples as for how today world is getting revolutionized by some cutting-edge innovation in mobile apps that cater specifically to this education industry.
How do mobile apps contribute effectively?
May it be in the classroom or anywhere else mobile apps undoubtedly contribute efficiently, during teaching or learning? Let’s take a look at the key benefits of mobile apps in education industry:
  • Easy access to knowledge: The learning management system and the mobile e-learning apps has provided a great way to concentrate on the long-lasting method of designing the educational courses.
  • Wide choice of Options: Starting from Duolingo for learning languages, Google Earth App for geography or even the entire courses on iTunes, there is a vast number of choices available for the learners on their smartphones or tablets.
  • Learning without boundaries: There are many such apps have been made possible for a smartphone user to do any course at any time.
  • Empowers the collaboration between students, teachers, and parents: Apps like “Attendance” and “TeacherKit” helps the teachers to keep track of performance, grade records and the annual attendance of any student. Along with this, apps as “Evernote” and “Dropbox” help in smooth collaboration between students, teachers, and parents.
  • Enhances Student’s Engagement: App like Science 360 helps learners to educate themselves from the audio-visual method, and also this keeps a long-lasting memory of all types of science. Watching any video and listening to the audio helps the students to retain the concept in a better way than the regular textbooks.

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